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New Jersey Based Steven Maier Releases Provocatively Titled "Don't Fuck With My Love"

New Jersey native Steven Maier has just unveiled his latest folk creation with a strong title called "Don't Fuck With My Love". Currently based in North Carolina right now, the song really cuts down to the core of what honest folk musicianship is all about with indelible vocal precision and well put together acouistic arrangements that make this song a real treat for those looking for something new on their musical radar. I was impressed with Steven's talents, but I was most impressed with at how unafraid he was in his lyricism that is raw, poignant, and doesn't look back in its delivery whatsoever. That's one of the beauties of music is its unique way of not holding back any emotion, and letting the listener know exactly how they feel which will illicit a strong emotional response from them that is usually always extremely positive.

To take a listen to "Don't Fuck With My Love", it's available on his Soundcloud page right here and for more into on Steven Maier, 'Like' him on Facebook right over here.

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