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Austin, TX Based Holiday Mountain Electrify The Crowd at Recent Cafe 939 Show

Austin, TX based Holiday Mountain brought their high energy dance rock to the masses with their recent performance at Cafe 939 this past Saturday. The members of the band spent some time in Boston as 2 of the members are esteemed Berklee College of Music grads, and their prowess and skill set showed immensely with their eclectic stage presence. Frontwoman Laura Patino was jumping on top of amps, leaning back against the drapery, and bouncing around immensely all while dressed in a highly vivid 80's style garb that fit in wonderfully with the band's totally out there persona. Drummer Zander Kagle was terrific in his percussion abilities. pounding it out furiously during each and every song, while synth and bass master Bradley Will busted out some slick dance moves that incited members of the audience to dance along in unison which eventually trickled all throughout the crowd and became downright infectious all throughout the night. Holiday Mountain are definitely an act you must check out as they really pump up the excitement factor both on record and on stage.

For more info on Holiday Mountain, 'Like' them on Facebook right here, give them a follow on Twitter over here, and check out their official homepage at this spot here to check out their music among a wide range of features.

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