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Swedish Duo Selkama Explode Off The Musical Page With Their Mellow Indie Pop Hybrid

The amazing sounds of the Swedish duo known as Selkama are right at your musical doorstep waiting to be heard by American audiences. I fell in love with these guys almost instantaneously, and you definitely will too as their sounds are some of the most beautiful and melodic tunes that I've heard in quite some time. Based from right out of Stockholm, brothers Nicolas & Kim Flemström are making their presence known with a bevy of instrumental arrangements, and some of the most beautiful vocal work that I've heard in quite some time. I was totally floored and swooning from more from these taleted Swedes, and it makes you appreciate the depth and quality of talent emanating from Sweden that much more, and if this isn't enough incentive for you to go out and check your music, I don't know what will!

To check out the amazing sounds of Selkama, take a listen to their music on Soundcloud right here and for more info on them, 'Like' on Facebook right here and fall head over heels with the sound that will be omnipresent across all your musical selections in due time.

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