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Huntington, NY Based Gnarly Karma Premiere New Track "Open Up (Let Yourself Go)"

Fresh out of Long Island, Gnarly Karma exclusively premiere their latest track here on MusicBoxPete titled "Open Up (Let Yourself Go)". The band are known for having a breezy, groove laden sound that is omnipresent throughout, and coupled with the exquisite sax work of Billy Hanley, their sound is given a very musically eclectic feel that speaks to mind about the diversity of these gents. I loved these guys when I first heard them, and was largely curious as to where their sound would take me after their musical voyage took off. These guys have a very mellow and vibey musical complexion to them, and you'll definitely find some inherent beauty laying within this definite summer jam that also has a country twang attached to it as well if you hear closely.

To hear "Open Up (Let Yourself Go)" in its entirety, it's available for listening on their Soundcloud page over here, and for more on Gnarly Karma please 'Like' them on Facebook right here and give them a follow on Twitter as well at this perch here.

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