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Dinoczar Blow The Hinges Off The Door At Recent TT's Show

Laguna Beach, CA based Dinoczar were most certainly the star attraction this past Thursday when they graced the stage at one of TT the Bears final shows. The guys are spending some quality time here in Boston, and they offer up a unique and inventive blend of hard nosed noise rock coupled with a fast paced, frenetic percussion beat that is almost impossible not to dance to, and invokes a sense of creativity and unbridled passion that can't be denied at this point. It was like a breath of fresh air after first witnessing them on stage, and getting the opportunity to chat with Jake very briefly I realized how grounded and extremely friendly each of these guys are. They also possess a huge musical skillset that will serve them well down the road, and make them a long lasting band in the process as well.

For more on DInoczar, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook right over here, and check out their latest EP "Bloody Bobcat" over on their Bandcamp site at this perch here, and give their official website a look over right here.

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