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Manchester, UK Pop-Punk Sensations Best Years Drop Nudity Filled Vid for "Overrated"

Manchester, UK pop-punk sensations Best Years have just released their seriously awesome vid for the song "Overrated". The song itself is instant perfection, but the vid itself is something to behold with the band dressed in various getups, performing in a gym, and strutting their stuff all while performing in their underwear showing off some delightful skin that may provide some arousal for you if you're into that sort of thing and on the hunt for some hot bods. The band are in a long line of British pop-punk bands leading the charge out of the gate, and into the U.S. with their dynamic presence and goofy personalities and demeanor making them an instant hit here and across the pond. I loved these guys from the start, and I'm instantly obsessed with their style and musical substance that shows off their staying power and will get U.S. pop-punk fanatics hooked on their every word as well.

For more on Best Years, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook here and check out their music on their Bandcamp site right over here.

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