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Hawking - Hawking EP

Vancouver, British Columbia's own Hawking have arrived with their self-titled, debut EP. The 5 song collection is a deep and punctuating set of musical rhythms geared to affect your mindset in a positive way, and bring to mind a new act and some music you may have never heard before, and are prepared to experience in a flattering and unprovoking manner.

We start things out with "Safe and Sound", far and away my favorite track off the album that sets everything in motion right away with explosively melodic rhythms, and the weathered lead vocals of Tom Vanderkam that evokes the band's musical resolve that is already on dazzling display the first song in, and things can only go onward and upward from here. "Cold Hands" is another solid track with amazing guitar work borught forth by Benji Klassen who adds a great deal of dexterity and character to the group that is already starting to develop as a formidable musical presence that will no doubt leave you coming back for more. "Books On Tape" is a frenetic, careening rocker that really does a great job of showing off the band's musical diversity and depth that is already held in the highest regard right here, with varied guitar licks and solid drum work from Chartwell Kerr that gives the group a full featured dynamic that can do pretty much anything if they set their mind to it. "Diastole" gets us ready for the conclusion of the effort with a downtempo number that showcases a different side of the group that we haven't had the opportunity to experience just yet, and really evokes a certain kind of confidence and charisma that is like a breath of fresh air and is really something special to experience in person. "Systole" ends it all here with a laid back, melodic rocker that eases everything out slowly and doesn't force anything by any means, and pretty much lets each individual musician do their own thing and be themselves, cause that's all they know how to be. I had the opportunity and privilege of checking out these gents completely by accident when I saw them play at TT's last month, and I was completely floored and hooked from the start. Chatting with frontman Tom and guitarist Benji for awhile, I realized at how remarkably sweet and down to earth souls they are and how much they love playing music and traveling the country exposing their sound to everyone they come in contact with. I love all of these guys wholeheartedly for keeping things on a simple playing scale, and for being remarkable human beings as well.

All in all, a great effort heard forth by Hawking, a Canadian band that are easily finding their way into your hearts with their straighforward blend of indie rock that is guaranteed to leave you spellbound, and have their image splashed in your minds.

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

- Safe and Sound

- Cold Hands

- Books on Tape

- Diastole

- Systole

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