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Boston's ThatOneEyedKid Debuts Catchy As Hell New Single "Hang Around"

The Boston based performer known as ThatOneEyedKid has just released an indelible earworm that you'll want to take note of called, "Hang Around". The song is breezy, electrified high energy alt pop at its finest that makes it feel like you're crusiing down the California coast highway in your shiny new convertible, enjoying the comfort and aura of everybody and everything around you. Originally going by the name of Josh Friedman, he is originally from St. Louis and you may remember him from his work in The Fates, a band that was an Artist Spotlight feature here on the site back in 2011 and one that cemented his legacy as that kid with an eye patch that plays keyboard extremely well. It's been so long since I've talked to him, and it's great to hear from him again and find him stepping out on his own as a solo artist, who also oozes sex appeal with his trademark eye patch that has defined who he is as an individual, and cements him as a truly unique and original talent on the rise.

To take a listen to "Hang Around" for yourself, it's available on his Bandcamp site right over here, and for more info on ThatOneEyedKid, 'Like' him on Facebook located here and visit his official homepage at this spot here.

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