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Boston Based, Colombian Born Vic and the Crux Releases New EP "Alusión"

Based from right here in Boston but originally emanating from Colombia, Vic and the Crux released his brand new EP late last month called "Alusión". The collection is a deeply poignant and somewhat romantic snapshot of a burgeoning talent who evokes his Spanish upbringing that is deeply personified within his music. Sung entirely in Spanish, you really feel the deep emotional connection that Vic strives to establish between his listening audience, and invites you into his world of sonic delights that have an acoustic flavor embedded within it, and also seeks to bring about a cultural appreciation for the type of music that emanates from his homeland. I was very deeply touched and moved about his album as it personifies who he is as an individual, and what matters most in his life as well. Definitely check out his music when you can as he really bridges the cultural foundation between America and his native Colombia.

To take a listen to "Alusión", it's available for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud right here, and for more on Vic and the Crux, please 'Like' him on Facebook located right over here and check his official homepage at this spot here.

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