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Lowell's Soft Cactus Set To Hit Up The Mid East Upstairs on 8/4

Lowell based rock outfit Soft Cactus will be rolling through town next Tuesday 8/4 when they hit up The Mid East Upstairs as part of their East Coast tour. The collective are touring behind their just released effort "In The Living Room" that has a breezy, jazz rock feel to it that offers up something different for the musical crowd gathered there in attendance, and seeks to expose listeners to a variety of different sounds that they're not accustomed to and puts them in a relaxing frame of mind right away. I must say that I don't listen to this type of music quite often, but it does provide for an entertaining mixture as it borrows from other areas such as R&B, funk, and indie to create something truly unique that will make me stay around for the whole set to get a full grasp of their stage presence and playing style. A very promising act for sure that is definitely worthy of your attention.

To buy tickets for next week's Soft Cactus show, head on over to The Mid East's website over here, and for more on Soft Cactus, feel free to give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, follow on Twitter right here, and check out their new EP via their Bandcamp page over here.

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