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MA/FL Based El Mar Releases Beautiful Music Vid For "Grow"

With roots emanating from all over the map, including Boston, NYC, and Miami just to name a few, El Mar have released their terrific, all-new music video for the song "Grow". Basically a one-woman band, El Mar is helmed by Joey Primero who does a marvelous job of expressing her musical expressions and thoughts to a willing and captivating audience who will grasp onto her every word. You may remember her from a few years back when I reviewed her solo album here on the site, and it's great to hear back from her once again and see the musical evolution she has made front and center. You can see that said evolution clearly evident in the video, as it sees Joey going through various trasnformations that peel off different layers of her shell, and reveal the immensely talented individual that she is. A clip that is well worth your time.

For more information on Joey and El Mar, give her a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow on Twitter at this locale here, and listen to her music on Soundcloud at this spot here.

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