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Long Island's Gnarly Karma Unveil Latest Musical Nugget "Hot Fire"

Based from out in Long Island, Gnarly Karma have an indelible summer jam to keep you occupied with "Hot Fire". Featuring rapper Qung Xav, the song features mellow reggae rhythms conjured upon a steady melodic framework that sets everything in motion very quickly, and allows the listener to feel immediately calm, relaxed, and ready for whatever is coming their way. I found much to be desired from this track, as it lies in the crux between reggae and hip-hop that satisfies fans of both genres, and gives them something new to discover and appreciate almost immediately. These guys were featured here on the site just a couple of months ago, and they happen to be huge fans and supporters of the site who really get the musical mission I'm trying to set forth. Billy Hanley is an immensely talented sax player who adds a cool element to the band that puts them on a different platform than the others, and makes them that much more visible to the naked eye. A great party band that adds some energy to those humid summer nights.

To take a listen to "Hot Fire", it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right here, and for more info on Gnarly Karma, please 'Like' them on Facebook here and give them a follow on Twitter over here.

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