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Rowley Based Brad Byrd Releases Brand New Single "Back To Nowhere"

Originally hailing from Rowley, MA but now calling Los Angeles his home base, singer-songwriter Brad Byrd has just released his brand new single "Back To Nowhere". The song is a relaxing, comforting tune with straightforward melodies and a pure, unadulterated voice that really makes an impact almost immediately the moment the song starts playing. I knew nothing about Brad coming in, and now I got to know a little more about him personally and what it is about him that makes him so unique. What I discovrered is that he has an inate ability of communicating his song to a willing audience and has a terrific way of putting a song in perspective for the listener, meaning that someone listening can put the song in context with anything that they have going on in their personal life and make it seem like that Brad is singing to you specifically. A very promising talent that is definitely going to open up some doors in the not too distant future.

To take a listen to "Back To Nowhere", it's available for listening over on his Bandcamp site right here, and for more info on Brad Byrd, 'Like' him on Facebook right here and check out his official website over here for more in depth info about him.

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