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Burlington, VT Based NYIKO Releases Summer Filled Nostalgia Clip For "One Way"

Burlington, VT based NYIKO has just released his wonderful music vid for the song "One Way". The clip takes us on a look back of all the sights and wonders of the summer with barbecques, beer drinking, a beautiful girl, and even NYIKO sporting some chest hair for your enjoyment as well. This video was definitely worth watching, and what I enjoyed most about it was at how well it was produced. It had a very glossy, produced feel but it was made within a certain budget that definitely grabs your attention, and allows you to look at the surrounding exteriors featured in the vid that are joyous and amazing when you first look at them. There is definitely something to be appreciated from this vid, and you'll definitely be entranced by all of the wonderful imagery featured prominently throughout this great clip, and the music melds in nicely with everything abound to create a full featured enjoyment that excites all the senses.

For more on NYIKO, please 'Like' him on Facebook here and check out his official homepage at this junction here.

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