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Boston Punk Rock Sensations The Digs Gearing Up For 11/21 Release of New LP "Manic"

Boston based punk rock collective The Digs are putting the finishing touches on their brand new studio release titled "Manic" currently set for a Nov. 21 release date. The guys have been working feverishly to cobble the effort together over the course of the past year, and they couldn't be happier for this effort to finally come to fruition, and into the hands and ears of curious music fans who are eagerly anticipating the latest fruits of the band's labor. I'm largely unfamilar with these guys, but they play a frenetic, intense, no holds barred blend of punk rock that will have your head bopping feverishly throughout, and leaves a wake of musical carnage in its wake. What makes them most accessible and aurally pleasing is the fact that they're from Boston, and they represent just another in a burgeoning wave of punk rock acts who are looking to become the next big thing out of Beantown. Here is the track listing for "Manic":

1) Ready Set

2) Manic

3) Preach

4) Gunslinger

5) One, Five, Six, Four

6) Photoelectric

7) Green Line

8) Miles Away

9) Origins

10) Low Bar

11) Red Ryder

For more info on The Digs, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter over here.

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