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John Hanifin Band Expose Their Diverse Sound at Recent Hard Rock Cafe Show

Locally based John Hanifin Band played a deep and diverse show this past Friday at Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, just steps away from Fanueil Hall. If you're not too familiar with the guys, they have a smooth and lush classical styled arrangement with some rock riffs thrown in, and even some hip-hop influence for good measure that balances the sounds out succinctly, and appeases to listeners of the aforementioned genres. These guys have been featured on the site a few months back, and I commented on how they have their own unique vibe about them and how they don't try to sound like or emulate anyone in particular, and instead try to carve out and find their own musical identity and find their own personal comfort zone and niche where they can do their own thing and vibe off of each other. There was a small but loyal crowd who braved the late of the night to check out their set which featured John on an electric cello which has sort of become the band's trademark, and features stellar guitar work from Mauricio Andrade who also handles backup vocal work, plus contributions from each individual member contributed to make this group definitely worthy of checking out and experience their diverse sound that has a little something for everyone.

For more on John Hanifin Band, please 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow on Twitter from this location over here.

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