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PREMIERE: Sean Trischka & Lula Wiles Establish Strong Musical Bond in "Right At Me" Li

Have an exclusive Live @ Berklee premiere to kick off 2016 for you! This vid comes courtesy of Berklee students Sean Trischka & Lula WIles who make for a formidable one-two musical combo with their performance of "Right At Me". This insanely enjoyable clip features Sean's trademark musical persona working its way through the musical confines, and right into your subconscious with its insatiable melodies that will get lodged in your head for quite some time, and will make it nearly impossible for you to get out at the same time as well. What I love most about Berklee musicians is their remarkably high skill set that makes them seem talented well beyond their years, and makes them that much more attractive to the naked eye for those who are passing by. Lula has some amazing cello skills that adds about an air of diversity that really deepens and enhances the musical content gathered about right before you. An amazing vid that captures the spirit and essence of what excellent musicianship and songwriting craft is all about.

For more on Sean Trischka, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook located over at this junction right over here.

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