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NJ Based Jacob Seeger Reveals R&B Style With "Call Me"

Based out of New Jersey, singer songwriter Jacob Seeger shows off his smooth, dimly lit R&B style with his brand new single "Call Me". Even if you're not into this genre of music, you'll find something to appreciate from Jacob's passionate and sensual vocals that run rampant throughout the song, and he continues to build his confidence throughout and shows that he is always looking for ways to improve and hone his craft throughout the course of the song, somethng that is extraordinarily difficult to do, but Jacob manages to accomplish this feat with significant aplomb. I found alot of promise and intrigue from Jacob's music, and the fact that he's signed locally here in Boston to Green Line Records, an independent label run out of my alma mater Northeastern University (Go Huskies!) that is doing an excellent job of finding unique, top quality talent and presenting them in a way that exemplifies their mission to bring an independent force to the Boston area that I'm so proud and honored to be associated with where I once went to school. Jacob's career is definitely looking up, and there is definitely more where that came from just around the corner.

To take a listen to "Call Me", it's available for streaming on his Soundcloud page right here, and for more on Jacob Seeger, please 'Like' him on Facebook right over here and check out his official homepage at this perch here for more in depth info regarding his music.

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