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Boston Electronic Wizards Hailey, It Happens Unveil Mellow Sound on "Under The Bright Lights&qu

Boston based electronic rockers Hailey, It Happens reveal their dream laced, mellow electro rock sound on their latest LP titled "Under The Bright Lights". The disc was released a couple of years ago, but I just discovered their sound a few weeks back and was really enthused with what I heard with its hypnotic rhythms and swooning keyboard textures that really make this album worth listening to. "Cuernavaca" is my favorite track off the LP that embodies the spirit and essence of what Hailey, It Happens is all about. With Chris Cleary on vocals and Bob DiBari handling the keys, they really have developed a strong work ethic and musical bond that is especially apparent when they're in the studio crafting these gems together. As of now, the guys are knee deep in there working on some new material that should see the light of day sometime this year, so you'll be able to see that natural progression and the fruits of their labor being fully realized quite soon.

For more on Hailey, It Happens give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and check out their music on Bandcamp as well at this spot here.

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