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MusicBoxPete's March Bandness Bracket Spectacular

MusicBoxPete is proud to announce it's first ever online bracket campaign to coincide with NCAA's March Madness college basketball hoopla. This contest pits 16 local acts against one another all in the quest to determine who is the greatest local act making it out there in the Boston region today. These 16 acts are going to be split in 4 divisions: Allston/Brighton, Boston Metro, Somerville, and South Shore. For the first round, the top seeded band will go against the lower seeded band, and fan votes over at the MusicBoxPete website determine who moves on to the next round. Each week will be a different round that will eventually lead to the championship that is currently slated for the first week of April.

The bands that will be taking part in this will be announced this Sunday afternoon March 13th at 3PM on a special edition of the MusicBoxPete podcast that is also the same day the NCAA announces its bracket for the teams taking part in the tournament. I thought this would be a great idea to have a musical version of the tournament, have it all online, and encourage everyone to get involved and get behind supporting their favorite local act. Stay tuned to the site and on social media for updates pertaining to the contest, and look for the first round to happen this coming Tuesday March 15th.

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