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Goshen, IN Based Kansas Bible Company Ready To Release New LP "Paper Moon"

Goshen, IN's own Kansas Bible Company are back at it with their upcoming, brand new LP titled "Paper Moon". The band have spent the past year or so hard at work on this new effort, and it's being released on Pledge Music with the lovely support of their dedicated fans who have stuck by the band from the very beginning. Over on the Pledge Music page, you can choose from a multitude of packages including CD, digital, vinyl, even a signed camera containing exclusive, behind the scenes pics, plus even a private concert for you and a select contingent of your close friends that will really bring the spirit of music together all in one close, tight knit spot. I've been following these guys for a few years now, dating back to when I first saw their Audiotree performance that showed the 7 piece having the time of their lives, amongst a bevy of brass instruments and syncopated dance routines that really blew me away as to the utter creativity and simplicity that was exploding out of the screen, and it was right then and there I fell in love with Kansas Bible Company, and you will most certainly fall for them as well.

To donate to the band's Pledge Music campaign, click on this link right here, and for more on Kansas Bible Company, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and visit their official homepage at his junction here for more in depth info surrounding the band.

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