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Discover Iceland's Junius Meyvant and His Breathtaking Music Vid For "Neon Experience"

Bringing you into the warm weekend with an amazing music vid brought forth to you by Icelandic based Junius Meyvant called "Neon Experience". The breathtaking clip reads like a picture postcard from Iceland, and looks like one of those old school vacation films from the 60's that your parents used to roll out and show you when you were younger. The clip is absolutely one of the most beautiful and pristine clips I've seen in some time, with picturesque views of Iceland's landscape in the distance, Junius skating around on his skateboard taking in the aura and bliss that is around him, and the vast soundscapes and untouched beauty that is around at every turn. I was in a trance the first time I viewed this clip, and I completely fell in love with the moving imagery that went along masterfully with the song that could also double as a vacation video showcasing Iceland's tourism industry that is most certainly to boom right after you finish watching this mastery right in front of you. A bold and inviting clip that is one of the most amazing clips that I've seen in quite awhile.

For more on Junius Mayvant, give him a "Like' on Facebook right over here, and check out his official homepage for more in depth info surrounding him at this perch here.

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