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Portsmouth, NH Based Indie Duo Kid Coyote Release Hypnotic New Single "Full Moon Rising"

Photo Credit: Sydney Bilodeau

From the Granite State of Portsmouth, NH comes the eerie and inviting sounds of Kid Coyote who just released their brand new single titled "Full Moon Rising". The somber and poignant clip features ambient instrumentation coupled upon the strong musicianship of the duo led by vocalist Clara Berry and Joe O'Neill handling the brilliant instrumentation abound at every foot. What I loved most about the duo was the pairing of their talents together to create something truly magical that I loved from the start and was blooming into something that was unique and unlike anything else currently out there today. These two met in college when Joe asked Clara to come along on an interpretation of Radiohead's "Nude" and he happily agreed. What transpired after that was an extremely passionate musical dynamic that became personal when they eventually moved in together, and the resulting blossoming musical partnership is as you see it today. An amazing act that is definitely worthy of some spins on your music player.

To take a listen to "Full Moon Rising" it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right over here, and for more on Kid Coyote, 'Like' them on Facebook at this junction here and check out their official homepage directly at this link here.

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