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MusicBoxPete Is Heading Back To Vans Warped Tour

Proud to announce this morning that MusicBoxPete will be returning to the pop-punk mecca that is Vans Warped Tour at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield on July 13th for the annual pilgrimage where punk rock and madness collide all into one! I made my first trek there last year, and it was a thrilling experience where I got to interview scores of acts, and got the chance to see plenty of up and coming bands that are destined to accomplish big things in the future. This is a must for youth looking to get into the scene, and acts as a punk rock summer camp of sorts where the youth will get exposed to a wide variety of acts that they are guaranteed to go apeshit for.

If you plan on making the trek to Mansfield this year, keep an eye out for yours truly and also stay tuned to the site for updates leading up to the concert, and special editions of the podcast that begin on July 18th and continues all summer long that will feature interviews with artists performing at this year's extravaganza. Get ready for what is sure to be a plentiful summer of punk rock featuring hoarse voices and sunburns aplenty!

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