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Today Junior To Join Forces With Headband, Boys Room, and Bruvs @ Out of The Blue Tomorrow Night 6/2

Photo Credit: Coleman Rogers

Allston's native sons Today Junior are gearing for a big local show this weekend @ Out of The Blue art gallery in Cambridge where they'll be pairing up with a host of acts including Headband, Boys Room, and Bruvs. The fellas have been omnipresent on the site over the last few years with their inventive surf/garage rock hybrid charming listeners and introducing them into their fold with open arms. I happen to be very close friends with Mike and Harry so I know first hand what they're capable of every single night, and they go above and beyond to serve their concertgoers right with an array of different styles that vibe off of each other tremendously. Mike furiously pounds through the drums like a madman with his trademark beautiful and fierce beard accompanying his bank robber styled bandanna that adorns his neck that has since become the hallmark of the group. And Harry becoming a wizard on the guitar with his eagle's nest of red hair popping through like a reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix who is somehow able to bend his ankle like in the picture above to create insane riffs and become the posterboy of a hometown Allston band. Never been more prouder of a group of gentlemen like them in my lifetime.

To check out more details and to RSVP, click on this Facebook link here and don't forget to 'Like' Today Junior on Facebook here and visit their official homepage over here to get all of their pertinent info.

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