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Boston Rockers Jack Romanov Release Exquisite Music Vid for "In My Head"

Boston natives Jack Romanov released their brand new music video recently for the song "In My Head". Taken from their most recent album "After Ignorance, Before The Start", this clip is an intriguing one as it takes you deep inside the life of a young man who seems to be entranced by watching TV, all while dealing with the everyday pains of life and the struggle to sometimes make it through. Interwoven with vintage black & white clips of old dance routines, this vid is definitely different from their prior one "Even The Homeless Have WiFi (and Blue Dreams)" and continues to solidify the band's creative resolve when it comes to making stellar music videos like this one. The band has been featured countless times here on the site, and I've had the honor to see them rock out multiple times in concert, and they're continuing to blow my face off with their stage presence which is equal parts intense and emotional, and really allows you to see the band's true colors as a creative tour de force capable of achieving anything that they see fit.

For more on Jack Romanov, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this junction over here.

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