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Boston Rock N Roll Outfit Cruel Miracle Release Music Vid For "Do You Owe Me?"

Boston based rockers Cruel Miracle are letting it all out on their music vid for "Do You Owe Me?" from their debut album Manifesto. The band are keeping the spirit of old school rock n' roll alive and well in this clip that is equal parts edgy and in your face with cutting edge melodies and rock solid vocal harmonies that keep the song in a perfect harmonic balance. Frontwoman Sadie Vada makes for a formidable presence on screen with her captivating vocals adding a rebellious nature to the band that you just don't see in music at all these days. I decided to take a chance on these guys as they had some different to add into the fray, and had this rebellious swagger to them that really put them in their own arena and out into the open for everyone to take a glance at. This type of rock is noticeably absent from music today, but Cruel Miracle is doing a great job of keeping that rebellious and in your face attitude alive and well.

For more on Cruel Miracle, 'Like' them on Facebook at this junction here and check out their official homepage at this spot here to check out their debut LP "Manifesto" in its entirety.

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