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Boston Based Psych Folkies Margarine Release Brand New LP "Sleepover Songs"

Photo Credit: Natalie Andrews

Boston psych folk newcomers Margarine have just released an album of new material titled Sleepover Songs. The 13 song collection is a mellow, inviting collection of tunes that exemplifies the band's talent and creative output that is refreshing and unheralded at this point. All members of the group go to various schools in the area such as Tufts, Harvard, and New England Conservatory to name a few and their varied backgrounds in education and music serve them well when all combined. It's from there that their music takes on a life on this own, and is really something special and unique as you begin to discover different facets of their personality that bubble up to the surface. I really found something particularly inviting about these guys in particular, and the members of the group including Matthew Okun on guitar, Alasdair MacKenzie on drums, Ryan Accardi on bass, and Charles Winston on keys all are immensely talented in their own right and are serving a distinct purpose as the newest members of the Boston music scene.

To check out "Sleepover Songs" for yourself, it's available for streaming on their Bandcamp site over here, and for more on Margarine please 'Like' them on Facebook at this junction here.

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