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Boston Locals Dead Trains Announce Pre-Order Vinyl For "County Road Bound" Release Show Se

Boston punk blues masters Dead Trains have announced that their most recent album "County Road Bound" will be made available to purchase via vinyl on Bandcamp next month that will give vinyl hogs some local flavor to add to their collection. If you're not familiar with these guys, please educate yourself with these punk blues masters as they're creating something that is entirely original and unique to them, and are considered pioneers of this burgeoning punk-blues genre that many people don't even know exists. The band has some elements of indie rock thrown in for good measure that entices listeners of other genres to come in and join the party and become immersed in the band's musicality, which is nothing short of exemplary and gives the band some clout and notice in this constantly shifting music scene. I myself am a huge supporter of these guys, and they represent one of the most dynamic and creative outlets in the music scene right now as we speak.

To pre-order "County Road Bound" on vinyl, head on over to their Bandcamp site over here. Orders will ship on September 15th. For more on Dead Trains, please 'Like' them on Facebook over at this location here.

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