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LA Based The Rebel Light Release Summer Primed Debut EP "A Hundred Summer Days"

LA based indie pop trio The Rebel Light have released their long awaited debut EP titled "A Hundred Summer Days". The music is sun soaked, and filled with tons of "ba ba ba ba ba" choruses infused within that puts you in the summer frame of mind right away, and makes you feel the spirit and enthusiasm of summer emanating right in front of you. Everything about these guys just screams summer time, and they are definitely bringing the power of the West Coast with them and living the Cali lifestyle that we all dream of which mainly consists of: going to the beach in a decked out VW van, bonfires on the beach, and basking in the comfort and glow of your friends as the sun sets over the horizon. This EP defines the band's never ending love affair with the summertime and all things associated with it, and enhances the band's allure as a trio who are keeping the original musical mission set forth by their forefathers The Beach Boys alive and well, and infusing it with their own sense of originality and musical wisdom that is overflowing at the moment.

For more on The Rebel Light, please 'Like' them on Facebook at this perch here, and check out their official homepage for more in depth info about the group over here. And, don't forget to check out "A Hundred Summer Days" now available for streaming at Spotify over at this link here, and also available at a plethora of other fine streaming music outlets as well.

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