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NH Based Almanac Mountain Releases Dreamy New Single "Harborside"

Based from the seacoast of New Hampshire comes the warm and inviting sounds of Almanac Mountain, who has just released his brand new single titled "Harborside". Originally going by the name of Chris Cote, the music is based upon a prog pop framework that brings in a bevy of different musical arrangements that build up into a unpronounceable explosion of musical warmth that immediately makes you feel at ease. I was definitely impressed the first time I heard Chris's music, and the facet of the matter that he's a native New Englander says it all about his ability to bring in locals from all over to marvel over his talents, and find a common ground within his music that they can relate to. This song in particular was created during one of the worst winters the New England area has experienced in recent memory just 2 years ago, and Chris says that the storm had such a profound impact on him that he was firmly entrenched in the worlds that he sings about in his music. That's something I think us Bostonians can relate to, and is definitely a starting point for things to come for his music moving forward.

To take a listen to "Harborside", it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right over here and for more on Almanac Mountain, please 'Like' him on Facebook over here and follow his adventures on Twitter at this locale here.

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