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Burlington, VT's Own Madaila Create A Psych Pop Bliss On New LP "Traces"

Burlington, VT's own up and coming Madaila are creating a bevy of excitement and aura with the impending release of their sophomore LP "Traces" that will be due out sometime next month. The band have a psych pop feel that weaves in and out of a host of different genres so frequently that it's hard to confine them to one specific genre. One thing that the band do extremely well is meld together a host of individual sounds together to appease listeners across the whole musical spectrum to get them on board with their musical mission. I'm definitely a passenger on board their musical mothership, and what these guys have going on is truly special, unique, and unlike anything else I've ever heard before. Another of the band's strengths is their ability to feed off each other creatively, and those juices are most evident in their live performances with their psych influenced garb that makes for prime viewing material at festivals where audience members will gobble them up, and whatever musical menu items they'll be serving to the crowd. A promising act that is definitely one to keep an eye out on in the near future.

For more on Madaila, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook directly located over here, and mosey on over to their official website here for more in depth info, including links to stream their music.

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