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Somerville's Own Pale Hands Readying For 11/18 LP Release With New Tune "Lower Than Low&quo

Somerville based dream pop trio Pale Hands are giving listeners a musical appetizer before the release of their new LP on 11/18 titled "Graphism" with the song "Lower Than Low". The song is an indie pop dreamscape with breathtaking melodies and frontwoman Jen's warm, inviting vocals rapturing listeners on call, and putting them in a relaxing and comforting frame of mind right away. You know me to be very obsessed with indietronica as a whole, but what Pale Hands are able to do is capture the mood and intensity of the emotional atmosphere at hand to really make an indelible impression on listeners. I was very unfamiliar with the group going in, but now after just one listen of their track and I'm instantly hooked and am a full believer of their music and everything that they stand for. A tremendous local act that is well deserving of some love and adoration right here on the site.

To check out "Lower Than Low" for yourself, its available for listening on their Soundcloud page over here, and for more on Pale Hands please 'Like' them on Facebook over here to stay in tune with all the updates leading to the release of the new album.

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