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Hollywood's Own Smoke Season Release Hypnotic Cover of Talking Heads "Psycho Killer"

Hollywood based musical duo Smoke Season have a indelible musical nugget for you on this Halloween with their extraordinary cover of Talking Heads "Psycho Killer". The clip features the duo of Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen set against a beautiful black and white format that enhances the content greatly, and sets the mood just right for the clip to follow. Their electro tinged version of the 80's indie classic sets the tone right for the ominous lyricism of the song, and fits within their musical framework just right that will spook you in just the right manner to keep you on your toes. Smoke Season have been featured on the site a couple of times before, and they have just the right amount of musical precision enstilled within them and their stage presence is sublime, which I got the opportunity to witness firsthand when they played at the Mid East Upstairs last year. They know how to inject the right amount of creativity and musical precision within their foundation that you'll be gobbling up along with your candy on this Halloween.

To check out the cover in full, it's available on Soundcloud over here and you can check out the vid for it now on YouTube right here as well, and for more on Smoke Season please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this junction here to see where they'll be next.

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