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Boston Based The Solars Throw It Back On New Jam "Old K.B."

Boston based indie collective The Solars have a barnburner of a tune on their brand new jam just released last week titled "Old K.B.". The song has a low key, harmonic balance to it with slight folk interludes balanced all throughout that provide for an entertaining and thorough listen. The guys really seem to have a youthful and engaging charm when it comes to their musicality that really attracted me in hook, line, and sinker, plus their ability to keep the listener entirely tuned in all the way throughout left me spellbound and clamoring for more by the time the song had concluded. These guys are new entries on my musical radar, and I'm so glad that I moseyed upon them as they have that innate ability to really connect with the listener and make them feel special and part of their unique and vibrant musical community that is brimming with all sorts of promise and possibilities. An immensely talented act that seems to have the musical fountain of youth at their disposal.

To check out "Old K.B." for yourself, it's available on their Soundcloud site over here, and for more on The Solars don't forget to 'Like' them on their Facebook page conveniently located over here and visit their official homepage at this locale here for more in depth info regarding the group.

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