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Relevant Elephants Guitarist Drew Lucas Releases Debut Solo EP, "Just Kidding"

Drew Lucas, co-frontman and guitarist for formerly Boston based The Relevant Elephants has just released his debut solo EP this past Tuesday titled "Just Kidding". Drew has a highly engaging musical charm and simply structured voice when you first hear him, coupled with amazing skills on the guitar that makes him a highly entertaining voice to listen to. Drew joined the Elephants back in 2014, and since then has really developed and harnessed his skills immensely to match the goofy and witty charm that is associated with the group and has since become their hallmark. Even though the band is based out in LA now, I feel that part of my heart is along with them as they have always left a deep impression on me with their incredible musical skills and witty charm that has left a permanent smile on my face. Drew is really crafting his musical persona into something special, and is starting to make a name for himself in his own right that is brimming with all sorts of possibilities down the road.

To check out "Just Kidding" in full, it's available for purchase and streaming on Bandcamp right over here, and for more on Drew you can get in touch with him via Facebook here and check out The Relevant Elephants Facebook page over here, where you should check them out in concert if you happen to live out on the West Coast.

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