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Weymouth Sons Pulitzer Prize Fighter Release New Tune "Dance With U", Hitting Up O'Bri

Weymouth based Pulitzer Prize Fighter are poised to make their big return with their brand new single, "Dance With U" ahead of their appearance at O'Brien's in Allston on 12/22. The song strikes a perfect balance between simply structured rock tunes and R&B laced grooves that explode onto the canvas almost immediately upon 'Play'. The guys are obviously no stranger to the site as they've been featured numerous times, and what really gravitated me towards them was their ability to keep the audience on their toes and not expecting what's coming around the corner musically. With the handsomely bearded Ryan MacDougall behind the drum kit and his brother Colin handling lead guitar and vocal duties, the band has immensely grown into a live favorite that provides endless amounts of joy and satisfaction while sipping back a cold one. If you haven't checked out the band yet, please do so as they provide you with endless musical gifts ahead of the holidays.

To check out "Dance With U" for yourself, head on over to their Bandcamp page located right over here, and for more in Pulitzer Prize Fighter please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their shenanigans on Twitter at this perch here.

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