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Pontefract, UK's Glass Caves Inspire On New Music Vid For "Do You Have A Name"

Based from a small town outside Yorkshire called Pontefract, UK's own Glass Caves dazzle and thrill on their brilliant music video for their song "Do You Have A Name". The clip features an assortment of beautiful women miming the words to the song, while acting out the parts of the band as if they were appearing in the video. It's something that I didn't expect from these guys, whom you remember I did an interview with on my podcast just a few weeks ago. What Glass Caves are able to do is take their creative ingenue, and use it to an extent that has never before been dreamed of or deemed possible. The one thing I love especially about Glass Caves and all bands from the UK for that matter, is how deeply passionate they are about their craft and of course the amazing accents which makes anybody swoon over them. Another distinct quality of the band is the ridiculously beautiful hair of drummer Elliott Fletcher and frontman Matt Hallas that looks like palm trees rocking back and forth in the distance, which is what you'll be doing when you check these guys out in concert for the first time. A remarkable act that should most certainly be on your playlists right now.

For more on Glass Caves, please 'Like' them on Facebook over at this link here and follow their trails on Twitter conveniently located right here. Check out more of their music over on their Soundcloud site at this spot here.

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