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Discover The Beauty and Magic of Stockport, UK Based Indies Blossoms

If you haven't immersed yourself in the beauty and passion of the Manchester, UK based indie five piece Blossoms just yet, you're completely missing out on some of the most majestic and potent indie rock currently out there today. Formed back in 2013, members Tom Ogden, Charlie Salt, Josh Dewhurst, Joe Donovan & Myles Kellock met each other through their shared affection for the same bands, and learned how to find a balance when it came to finding spots to jam and rehearse, finding some space in their father's construction company where the band learned how to hone and harness all the tools at their disposal. Buoyed by their beautiful single "Charlemagne", the band's sound started to gain traction and find a following amongst UK circles, and has started to gain some traction here in the US as well. Their sound is based upon the indie rock realm, similar to their musical pals Viola Beach who tragically lost their lives last February and with whom the band was close with and played at the same festival as well. What makes them so special and unique is how majestic and all encompassing their sound is, and it's hard not to get engrossed in their beauty, spirit, and passion for music that exists at every foundation and fiber of their being today. An incredible act that you should be adding to your playlists right now as we speak.

For more on Blossoms, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check out their official homepage right here for more in depth info surrounding them, including links to stream their music as well.

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