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Local Favs The Solars Set To Pair Up w/ Atlas Lab and Miss Geo At Mid East Upstairs Tonight

Photo Credit: Branson Laszlo

Boston based folk rock collective The Solars are gearing up for a terrific night of local music when they pair up with Atlas Lab and Miss Geo later tonight at Mid East Upstairs. You may remember the post that I did a few weeks ago about them and their amazing new single "Old K.B." that really reflects the band's diverse and burgeoning sound that is breathtaking beyond comprehension. The band really seems to be striking a nerve hard with listeners locally, and it's only a matter of time before their sound is heard from beyond the New England region. The new folk movement is pretty much extant these days, but these guys are crafting something truly special and unique with their music that can't possibly be explained, but perhaps they can tell you themselves when you check them out in concert later on. The other acts on the lineup too look pretty solid themselves, especially Atlas Lab whom have been featured numerous times before on the site also and Miss Geo is certainly worth a look over as well. RSVP to the concert via the Facebook Event listing here.

For more info on The Solars, please 'Like' them on Facebook directly located over here and check out their official homepage over here for more in depth info on the group as well.

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