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Jonesboro, AR Based Greasy Tree Releases "Don't Worry About Me" Off Forthcoming Debut

Jonesboro, Arkansas based Greasy Tree have just released their first single "Don't Worry About Me" off their forthcoming debut album that is slated to be issued in February. The band's sound is a blues infused power surge that is reflective of the band's down home upbringing where the influence of their surroundings becomes even more evident and crystal clear as you listen to them. The members all share equal duties on vocals, bassist Red Dorton adds a groove laden flavor to each and every song he touches on bass that immediately turns to red gold when you first hear it. Guitarist Cameron Roberts and his beautiful hair adds a flair to his incendiary guitar skills that are constantly being honed and are able to adapt to their existing surroundings on a dime. Rounding out, drummer Jacob Brumley takes the musical wisdom he has attained to add a rhythmic backbone that makes this band one that is going to be talked about for some time. I don't know a whole lot about the music scene in Arkansas, but just judging from what I've heard so far these guys are most certainly at the forefront of the music scene down there and have that ability to attain recognition beyond the confines of their hometown. An immensely promising young act that is starting to ride on a wave of momentum right now as we speak.

To check out "Don't Worry About Me", it's available on YouTube right here and for more on Greasy Tree, please 'Like' them on Facebook right here to stay in touch, and follow their travels on Twitter directly from this locale over here.

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