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Locals Surf Vietnam Make Their Triumphant Return With Brand New Single "Melancholia"

Allston's pride and joy Surf Vietnam are back with their brand new single released just last week titled "Melancholia". The song has the band's signature indie vibe along with some sleek keyboard work reminiscent of Ben Folds that provides endless amounts of enjoyment from everyone listening in. These guys have been my favs in the local scene for a couple of years now, and the way they evoke their musical influences within their music makes them stand out immensely from all the other acts out there and gives them an added advantage as well. The one thing about this song after repeated listens, is that the lyrics will get lodged in your head and you can't help but to sing along to the chorus which is extremely potent and is exactly what I ended up doing after only a couple of listens. John, Adam, Adrian, and Joe are phenomenal musicians, and I've had the opportunity of seeing them live multiple times over and hanging out with them after appearing on my podcast a couple of years ago and immediately realized what a special and unique chemistry they have which can't be replicated. These guys are only continuing to add to their resume with this delightful new tune.

To check out "Melancholia" in full, it's available for streaming on their Bandcamp page over here, and for more on Surf Vietnam please 'Like' them on Facebook over here to stay tuned with all their latest update and shows coming to the Boston area sometime soon as well.

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