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Boston Based The William Shakes Throw It All Back On New Tune "The Fault"

Boston based The William Shakes throws it back with a 80's centric tune on his new single "The Fault" from his upcoming debut EP "How Goes The Night?" set to be released on February 10th. From the brainchild of Mark McGettrick, his music is very captivating in the sense that it's Shakespeare that has been conceptualized for modern rockers as he so ably puts it on his FB page. The song has a retrograde feel to it, but he is able to transpose modern elements into his music that makes for an intriguing listen, and one that really requires the listener to think intently and dig in deep. I was very pleased with what I heard from The William Shakes from the outset, and while this is essentially a solo project and one-man band, it really feels like a collaborative effort that brings forth creative wisdom rendered forth by others that makes everyone an equal contributor. The music almost seems like as if Duran Duran or Tears for Fears came forward in time and started changing their lyrics to 16th century prose. An immensely intriguing act that is most certainly worth a listen.

To check out "The Fault", it's now available on Soundcloud right over here and for more on The William Shakes, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook over here and follow his adventures on Twitter from this spot right here.

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