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LA Based Sego Set To Share The Stage w/ Today Junior @ Mid East Upstairs Next Monday 2/6

LA based indie slacker rockers Sego are set to land in the Boston area next Monday, 2/6 when they hit the stage at Mid East Upstairs where they'll be partnering with local favs Today Junior and Billy Baldwin. The music has a slight electronic twinge to it, but incorporates elements of indie rock and other assorted genres to craft a full fledged mixture that is representative of the duo's influences, and that definitely piques the interest of those passing by. These guys are a newcomer on my musical radar, and they definitely offer up something different for the crowd that can't possibly be matched by any other artist. And partnering up with my musical homies Today Junior is all the worthwhile to check it out. Sego have a very striking and eclectic stage presence when you check them out live, so prepare yourself for a magical evening that shows you firsthand what these two marvelous and talented gents are capable of accomplishing firsthand. An intriguing up and coming act that you should definitely be paying more attention to.

For more info on next week's show and to buy tickets, click on the Facebook Event listing here and while you're there, you can 'Like' Sego as well here and follow their travels via Twitter from this conduit here.

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