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New England Patriots Super Bowl Player Music Spectacular

With the New England Patriots gearing up to face the Atlanta Falcons this coming Sunday in Super Bowl 51, we bring back my annual look at the player's music choices handcrafted by yours truly. Music can sometimes play a key role in high leverage situations, and the Super Bowl is the ultimate show of strength, courage, and versatility that is key to hoisting the Lombardi trophy at the end of the night. With this year's Super Bowl music special, we squarely focus on the hometown team to get a sense of how their personas fit in to the songs that I've chosen specifically for them, and how each player plays a big role in helping their team to success time and time again. Without further delay, here are my choices for this year's Patriots Super Bowl squad:

Jimmy Garoppolo - Thrice " Call It In The Air"

The ridiculously handsome Patriots backup QB who came through big during Brady's 4 game suspension earlier in the year has been adorned with this Thrice tune as his theme song. The Italian stallion himself came through during the 2 games he played this year, throwing for 502 yards and 4 TD's before suffering a sprained AC joint in his second game against the Dolphins. Having fully recovered, Garops is patiently waiting on the sidelines, honing his skills so that in the event an emergency arises where Brady has to be taken out of the game, Jimmy G steps in with the confidence and patience that comes with the role of the backup QB. While sometimes he may not get into the game at all, he plays a valuable role that serves him well and prepares for his future as the heir apparent to TB 12.

Julian Edelman - The Clash "Rudie Can't Fail"

Brady's #1 target has this sweet Clash tune from London Calling as his song of choice. Edelman has been a valuable commodity on the Pats for 6 years now, and while he didn't share in the bulk of targets as that honor mostly went to Wes Welker, Edelman did his job admirably and eventually moved up to #1 after Welker's departure and has become an instant fan favorite. With his tremendously handsome beard and bulky build, Julian continues to wow fans with his remarkable athleticism and suave sense of humor that exudes well in postgame interviews, and he is most certainly geared towards superstardom right now as we speak.

Chris Hogan Beastie Boys "Brass Monkey"

The Patriots newest acquisition and the star of the AFC Championship Game against Pittsburgh has this classic Beastie Boys tune as my music choice for him. A journeyman who last spent time with the Bills, Hogan has come up big for the Pats since signing a contract in the offseason, and he has gradually found himself playing more games and becoming another dependable WR target along with Edelman. His skills on the field are beyond impeccable, and along the way has earned the nickname "7-11" for his ability to be always open for catching passes on the field. An extremely talented and ridiculously good looking creature overall, Hogan is sure to be a fixture on future Pats squads for quite some time.

LeGarrette Blount - Today Junior "Blunt Breath"

The top notch running back skills of LeGarette Blount are quite apparent on the field, as his ability to weave in and out has made him a dependable RB that has made me think of this new track from local Boston favs Today Junior as his tune of choice. The Pats made a brilliant move about re-signing him after spending a little bit of time in Pittsburgh, and he has come through big for when it comes to getting some extra yards towards those critical 1st downs on every play. He also has a hard nosed mentality that allows him to pile through defenders with "Blount force trauma", that also sometimes results in carrying the entire opposing team's defensive unit along with him that these big 300 pound guys can't even stop. A tremedouslly gifted athlete that is a constant unified presence both on and off the field.

Rob Ninkovich Latch "Handsome Fella"

The fearsome and dedicated linebacker of the Pats Ninko as people like to call him, has this appropriately named tune from local guys Latch as his warm-up tune. Ninkovich has constantly displayed a strong work ethic and is a valuable presence on and off the field for his candid demeanor and hilarious sense of humor that shows off his charming and witty personality every time. One obvious characteristic about Rob is his ridiculously handsome rugged persona, capped off by his well groomed beard that looks like a smooth carpet that makes him a linebacker to be feared and respected both by fellow teammates and opposing players as well.

Devin McCourty - Jane's Addiction "Been Caught Stealing"

The longtime safety and one half of the identical McCourty twin brothers delivers a polarizing presence on the field with this early 90's jam from Jane's Addiction. Since first coming on the team, Devin has displayed a wide range of talents on the field that has allowed for key defensive stops to get his offense back on the field as soon as possible. Often sometimes getting confused for his twin brother Jason all the time, Devin is a very well spoken and dedicated player both on and off the field with his numerous charitable contributions as well, and that definitely bolsters his credibility of a player who sticks by his word.

Matt Patricia - Person L "Goodness Gracious"

An honorable mention for this year's music special is a member of the Pats who is not a player, but is still a valuable commodity of the team nonetheless: the defensive coordinator Matt Patricia whom I have adorned with this tune from Person L. Matt originally has a degree in aeronautical engineering which you might think doesn't have a place on the football field, but his background in that expertise makes him the perfect man for the position. With his ability to constantly think of defensive schemes and the way plays are constructed like a mad scientist, you kind of see the similarities between the two areas. And oh yeah, he has one of the most beautiful beards that I've ever seen that makes him a favorite of fellow players and even general fans as well.

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