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Cincinnati's Own Telehope Bring Unparallelled "Joy" To Fans In Delightful Music Vid

Cincinnati, OH based indie pop collective Telehope bring an infectious and energetic style to music in their brand new live video for the song "Joy". The piano driven melodies and inspiring lyricism will definitely drive you mad as these five young bucks deliver a potent mixture of energy and charisma to an eager crowd waiting in the winds. When I hear their music for the first time, it reminds me of their local heroes Walk The Moon who have achieved stardom all on their own, and Telehope look to accomplish a similar feat as their music has that same positive and bonding spirit that their musical heroes establish within the framework of their music. I love it when bands from outside the New England region send me submissions because it makes me feel young again, and sort of takes me back in a way to my high school years when there was a community of bands helping each other out and reaching out to people within their own circle of friends to get word of mouth out. It's almost the same method today, and Telehope are talented and wise beyond their years and really bring out the best in everyone that they come in contact with with their thoughtful music and swooning charm and charisma. An insightful act that is most certainly worthy of a listen.

For more on Telheope, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook directly located over here, and don't forget to visit their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info on the fellas, including links to their music as well.

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