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The Solars Set For Local Show Tomorrow Night @ O'Brien's w/ Box of Birds

Photo Credit: Branson Laszlo

Boston based indie collective The Solars are setting up for a big local show happening tomorrow night in the heart of Allston at O'Brien's along with Box of Birds and Riva Saputo. The Solars have been enjoying the success of their most recent single "Old K.B." and bringing along their own musical identity in the process that has made the band the talk of the town and one to keep a watchful eye on this year. The moment I heard their new single, I was convinced that the band were going places, and definitely had that pedigree and extra spark to set them over the edge. There's always a moment when you realize that a band has that "it" factor and that youthful drive attached to them that will carry them a long way in this scene, and hearing The Solars for the first time really opened my eyes and ears to the possibilities of this burgeoning act that is on the precipice of their next big moment. It's definitely recommended that you attend this show to get your fix on The Solars for the first time.

For more info on tomorrow night's show and to RSVP, click on the Facebook Event listing here, and while you're there don't forget to 'Like' the band here, and visit their official homepage at this locale for more in depth info regarding the boys.

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