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Boston Indies New Dakotas Create Intricate Harmonic Blend On New Self-Titled EP

Photo Credit: Saul Urbina Johnson

Boston based indie collective New Dakotas make a dent on the local scene with their all new, self titled EP. The group consists of Alasdair MacKenzie, Charles Winston, Trevor LaVecchia, and Chris Haley. The band's sound is a mellow form of indie rock that has a pop/rock twinge to it that allows the band to stay within the confines of their comfort zone, where their magic and musical essence really shines bright. The guys really stood out to me with their musical confidence and their ability to stay in tune with each other musically that had me spellbound and instantly hooked from the get go. All of the members each go to school at Tufts and Harvard, and you can clearly tell that adds a lot to their resume instantly as their intelligence and vast maturity is evident and clearly put on display when you hear their music, and makes the band that much more potent to the degree that you're immersed in their universe where their music is reflective of the environment around you, and the group acts as a guide of sorts to carry you through your day as a traveling companion. An immensely talented and exciting new act that is one to keep a watchful eye on in the future.

To check out their EP for yourself, it's available for streaming on Bandcamp via this link here, and for more on New Dakotas please 'Like' them on Facebook right over here to stay in tune with all of the band's happenings, including shows happening in the Boston area relatively soon.

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