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Locally Grown Synth Pop Project Kite Jennings Makes Its Debut With "In Cinema"

Locally based synth outfit Kite Jennings have just released their latest effort titled "In Cinema". The sprawling, 5 track effort is a dreamland paradise with ambient melodies designed to transport you away from the doldrums and into a soundscape land where there is a certain serenity and provides the perfect escape from your own reality. Synthpop has an inherent beauty to it that can't adequately be described, but the key element is the desired musical effect it has on the listener and what it can do to better and enhance their life. What Kite Jennings have accomplished here is beautiful no doubt, and it has a certain kinetic energy around it to strike a harmonic balance between all the musical textures abound. Even if you're not a fan of synthpop, you can definitely find something to appreciate from this project that will definitely provide an escape from whatever situation you're currently in. An immensely beautiful collection that deserves to be heard from everyone.

To check out "In Cinema" for yourself, it's available for streaming and purchase via Bandcamp right over here and for more on Kite Jennings, please give it a 'Like' on Facebook right over here and check out more of their music via their Soundcloud site at this spot here.

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