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New Orleans Natives Sweet Crude Set Their Sights To Great Scott on 4/27

New Orleans based collective Sweet Crude is gearing up to take their talents up to Boston when they play Great Scott in Allston on 4/27. The group take the cultural elements of the Bayou with them, and inject it clearly within their music where their true talent and musical essence shine brightly. I was quite impressed with what I heard from them for the first time, and I really connected with the band's simplistic musical elements and harmonic vocals that really signified a deep unity and bond for the group's Louisiana roots and upbringing in the area. When an artist takes elements of their hometown with them and transmits it throughout their music, magical stuff happens and there is clearly something special going on with this group as Sweet Crude have that special kinetic force driving inside of them that really brings out the best in everyone they come in contact with. Definitely make it your assignment to be there front row center when they take the stage at the end of the month.

For more on the 4/27 Great Scott show, click on the Facebook Event listing here and for more info on Sweet Crude, 'Like' them on Facebook at this locale here and check out their music on Bandcamp conveniently located right over here.

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